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Merry Christmas to all

Hi there!
How are you enjoying this cold but nice holiday season?
Have you sent Santa a request for Christmas gift yet??

We here at YMCA got nice and delicious ones from Ted Santa♪

His homemade cookies(^ ^)!!!Yummmy!!!

They were very very very delicious, so they went quick......
Thank you Ted!!

I hope you all out there will get nice gifts as well!


2017/12/21 06:01

Bye-bye Drink Machine…(T T)

Hi there!
December has started off and I guess everybody is being very busy.

Today, I have bad news.
Remember I wrote about our Drink Machine in the office last time?
Actually, it’s been decided that the machine is going to be removed next week…

OH NO!.....orz

I feel so sorry for the students who were going to use the drink voucher from the last-term contest.
We will think of what we can offer instead of drinks from that machine soon.
Anyway, we will miss that machine! Thank you and Good-bye!!

Well, everybody stay warm and enjoy the winter illumination in the city!!!
See you next time!

無料ドリンク券を使おうとおもってらっしゃった生徒さん、、ごめんなさいっ!!m(_ _)m


2017/12/02 05:43

Drink Machine

Hello there!
It's been getting colder and colder, and I just can't believe that December is coming soon...
I think everybody is being busy, but hope things are going fine!

Well, we have this Drink Machine in our office, which serves only "Hot Drinks."
It is not very popular in the summer, but his(?) season HAS COME!!
You can get Coffee, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Cocoa, Black tea or Onion soup!

By the way, we hold "Short Essay Contest" every term at Kitakyushu YMCA, and the people who submitted their entry in the last-term contest got 3 Free Drink Vouchers(^^) I wonder if any of them has used the voucher yet.....? Gotta remind them of it!!


Thank you for reading my blog!
Have a nice hot cup of coffee and stay warm(^^)!

See you next time♪

2017/11/11 06:03


Hi there!
I went to the 多文化共生わいわい祭り held at Kitakyushu YMCA yesterday!
There were so many people enjoying the stage and activities!
The thing I really enjoyed was a Vietnamese lesson given by YMCA international students on the 2nd floor.
I could learn some Vietnamese words and phrases, and I was so happy when they understood my Vietnamese!
The students were so friendly and good at teaching!
After that, I ate a Korean lunch, which was very nice, and did some shopping at the Asian Bazaar, which was fun!
I really had a great time!


受付け & 様々なパネル

ベトナム語プチ講座 & 韓国ランチパック

キタキュウマン on stage

2017/11/04 04:53

Kids' Halloween Lesson week

We have had "Halloween Lesson week" for the kids' classes, and the teachers and kids were all wearing fancy or spooky costumes.
I don't teach kids here, so I didn't wear a costume..... but it looked just fun!! I really want to try "Halloween something" for the adults' classes as well next year!

There must have been so many Halloween events that had been planned this weekend, but unfortunately the typhoon is, again, coming to Japan.
I fell so sorry for the events organizers and families who have been excited for those events...
I hope this typhoon won't cause big damage and leave soon.
Please take care and I hope you all will have a good weekend, even inside the house!

2017/10/28 05:52

Autumn events

Hello there!
Are you enjoying this autumn, going for a walk, looking up the sky for pretty clouds and so on?
We at YMCA Language program, are now all busy preparing for the upcoming annual events, “Halloween lesson week for Kids” next week in which the kid students will be enjoying reading scary stories and trick-or-treating in spooky costumes, and “多文化共生わいわい祭り” on November 3 at which you can experience Asian food and cultures!!
If you have come to “多文化共生わいわい祭り” before and liked it, please come this year, too!
If you haven’t, why don’t you come and try this great opportunity!

Please click here for more information about the festival!



2017/10/21 04:43

Teachers' meeting for Autumn【講師会】

Hi everyone!
Autumn, the great season, is finally here! I hope you're all doing well.

Last Saturday, we had "Teachers' meeting" for the Autumn-term. The YMCA teachers gathered, and talked and shared about our classes and students. It was such a fruitful time for us!
The Autumn-term has started, and we are all excited to see our old students back in class and meet new people who are starting English at YMCA this October.
If you are looking for a school to study, YMCA is the one!

Please come check it out!

2017/10/05 03:59

生徒さん紹介 [Vol.2(K.I.さま)]

Hello! How are you all doing? It's getting cooler in the morning and evening, and we can feel the autumn is coming soon, right?
Today, I’m going to post an interview with one of our students here at YMCA. He's been such an inspiring student and I really enjoy having him in class!
I hope you can get a bit of the atmosphere we share in class, by reading it!

今日は、今年の春から英語をスタートされ元気に通ってくださっている「K. I.さん」をご紹介します!クラス内では、多くの女性クラスメートに交じって熱心に頑張ってらっしゃいます(^^)♪


Q: 現在の受講クラスと通っている期間を教えてください。
A: 今年4月から、土曜日の『英会話初級クラス』に通っています。

Q: 英語を始めたきっかけは何ですか。
A: 今まで韓国語を習っていたけれど、将来の為に世界共通語である英語が必要だと思って。

Q: YMCAってどんな場所ですか。良いところは?

Q: 学習の目標はなんですか。

Q: 最後に一言メッセージをお願いします。
A: 一言『感謝』です!土曜日に開講しているので助かっています。

YMCA: こちらこそ、これからもサポート頑張りますので、よろしくお願いします!

2017/09/02 04:37

Back to school(^^)

Hello. It's Shoko!
How did you enjoy your summer holiday??
The school's summer break ended, and we are all back at school.
Some students are still busy with stuff and couldn't come to class today, but most of our students came in for their class with a great smile(o^^o) & enthusiasm♪Thank you so much!!
I taught three classes today, and had a lot of fun in class listening to their stories.

I went on a 2-day trip to Hita, Oita to relax and enjoy the spa during my summer break.

It was so nice and enjoyable. I hope to go again soon!

The Spring Term will finish next month, and Autumn Term will start in October. I hope all the students will complete their course feeling satisfied with our lessons.

Well, stay cool and enjoy the rest of summer!!
See you next time(^^)

2017/08/19 06:04

Summer Greetings!!

Hi there!
It’s been extremely hot, but I hope you are good enjoying the summer!
Our school will be closed from tomorrow, 13th to 17th, and the students are coming back on Sat. 19th again!
I’m looking forward to hearing exciting & interesting stories my students will bring in class to share:)

Please stay cool and have happy summer holidays!
See you next time!!

2017/08/12 04:53

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